Feb 24, 2009


Hello all! This is my first knitting blog, and hopefully I remember to post! (I have never been very good at that...)

My goal is to journal my knitting adventures. I taught myself to knit and have been working on it for about a year (or Dec 07, Jan, Feb 08, break for summer, Nov, Dec 08, and Jan 09... who wants to knit when its a jillion degrees outside?). This fall I decided to learn how to knit more than a square/rectangle so I taught myself how to increase and decrease and YO and all the fun stuff! Now I have two finished sweaters (blogs to come) and one on needles! Any advice is welcome.

I am a substitute elementary teacher in Nebraska and I love my job but I want to have my own classroom.


P.S. Blog name: when I ask kids to sit down I tell them to sit on their pockets, hence knitting on my pockets means sitting and knitting not actual knit pockets.